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What Is Tactical Gear, and What Is Operational Equipment?

“Tactical gear” and “operational equipment” are two terms used by the military, law enforcement, and similar agencies. Tactical gear, in general, applies to items specifically used by the military, while operational equipment does not have a specific focus. Weapon sights, for example, clearly fall under the category of “tactical gear,” while other items that may be used by the military, such as climbing equipment and hydration packs, are for operational purposes.


Weapon sights of a certain quality have become standard for military operations in recent decades. A sight comes in laser, reflex, peep, and telescopic forms, although only telescopic, reflex, and laser types are used by the military. Red dot and holographic weapon sights – both used regularly by soldiers – fall under the reflex category, which includes all non-magnifying devices. Telescopic sights, on the other hand, are magnifying, and many offer variable magnification features. More specifically, this type of sight, when used in combat or another instance, allows a target to appear closer; a telescopic sight with 10 times magnification will present the target to the shooter as if it were 10 times closer.


Weapon sights are defined clearly as tactical gear; other items used by the military, however, fall within both tactical gear and operational scopes. Tactical cases for weapons, ammunition, electronics, and other equipment are an example of this. These cases, most designed to be watertight, crushproof, and dustproof, are shaped to hold equipment ranging from laptops and other electronics to guns, tools, and ammunition. All are equipped with an O-ring seal and automatic pressure equalization valve. Tactical cases may be used in combat for transporting weapons and other necessary gear, but they’re also useful in several other instances outside of a military setting.


Other types of tactical gear with operational uses benefit both the military and outdoor athletes and enthusiasts. Hydration packs, for example, are equipped with features for both the soldier and the outdoor athlete. In general, however, the pack is secured at the back and waist and contains a reservoir or “bladder.” A hose with a capped mouth runs from the bladder and has a bite valve to keep the liquid inside contained. Hydration packs designed for the military, however, often have a longer body for easy concealment and will hold 1.5 to 3.1 liters. Additionally, manufacturers, such as CamelBak, supply military and law enforcement organizations with hydration products.


Cases and hydration packs aren’t the only items favored by the military and outdoor enthusiasts. Climbing equipment, often associated with backpackers and rock climbers, is used by the military in rocky and rough terrains to transport equipment.

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